The 2-Pot Retirement System

by | Jun 5, 2024

The 2-Pot Retirement System

What is the 2-pot retirement system?

As part of a wider effort to improve retirement outcomes, the government is implementing the two-pot retirement system. While retirement funds aim for long-term savings, the new program lets members tap into a portion for emergencies, striking a balance between future security and current needs. The reform takes effect on 1 September 2024.

Need to know

Your retirement savings will be divided into two parts: a savings pot (one-third) and a retirement pot (two-thirds). You can only access money from the savings pot once a year. This pot is meant for emergencies like medical bills or natural disasters. However, be aware: any withdrawals are taxed as income, and depending on your tax bracket, you could face a hefty tax bill – up to 45% for high earners.


While the 2-pot system offers more flexibility, it’s crucial to remember that frequent withdrawals can significantly reduce your retirement income. To assess your personal situation and develop a retirement plan that considers the 2-pot system, contact Ample Insurance Brokers today. We can help you navigate this change and develop a personalised strategy to achieve your retirement goals.