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Our Story

Eileen Stoffberg was only 17 years old when she started working in the insurance industry. Employed as a personal assistant to over 10 different call centre agents, her main duty was to fax and create insurance quotes. Her opportunity came when an agent resigned and she could become a call centre agent herself. Within four months she became the top call centre agent, writing well over 350 policies monthly.

At the age of 23, she left a stable job and income to found Ample Insurance Brokers in a tiny office space with mostly borrowed equipment. With a vision of earning clients’ loyalty and always going the extra mile, the business grew steadily.

Throughout the journey she together with the management team have accumulated vast knowledge of the insurance industry as well as the importance of the human heart in everything from client services to company culture.

Fast forward to 2019 and another ambition had been realised. With holistic financial planning in mind for our customers we extended our profile to include life insurance, medical aid and investments. Employee wellness, unique rewards and lower premiums are all part of the daily running at Ample Insurance Brokers.

Our Values

We don't just learn the rules. We live them every day.

Honesty and integrity

Integrity and honesty at all times and in all places, we do what is right, let the consequence follow, no exceptions.

Going the extra mile

Going the extra mile is a vital ingredient of our culture, to go above and beyond what is expected of us.

Valuing your time

Time is a precious commodity these days, so we use it quickly and efficiently.

Compassion towards your circumstances

Compassion builds trust, things arent always in your control. We are here for you during the difficult times

Bringing convenience to the table

People often associate complexity with deeper meaning when often simplicity is the key to everything.

A personal relationship with each individual

We do not simply treat clients as though they are just another number. Instead, we ensure that clients get the personal service that they deserve by speaking to and understanding their needs before suggesting the perfect products

Why use a Broker

OK, so let's consider the facts.

Direct insurers promise savings because they don't pay commission to a broker

The Financial Services Board (FSCA) has barred them from making this statement, as it's simply not true!

Direct Insurers have manipulated the insurance public by playing on how much we all despise spending money on insurance. Just because they promise a 'free lunch' doesn't mean it actually exists.

Costs: Do you really save money by going direct?

There are some common misconceptions when it comes to the cost of Insurance and exactly what you are paying for. It “pays” to be informed about what you are getting for your buck!

Service: Personal service vs. volume driven service.

Getting the service you deserve instead of becoming another policy number.

Claims: think all claims are treated equally? Think again.

When it comes to claiming, you want someone in your corner who understands the ins and outs of insurance and has the knowledge to argue on your behalf.

Relationships: It's not every insurer's policy

Don’t settle for ‘anonymous’ insurance, put your insurance needs on a first-name basis with an Insurance Broker committed to protecting your family, your possessions and your business.

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