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Never speak to an insurance call centre agent again.

Keep your business safe when things go wrong

Ample saves the day.
No extra drama.

We don’t treat your livelihood like another reference number. Ample provides personal, empathic service and advice, based on a detailed needs analysis of your business. We consider worst-case scenarios, so that you can build a resilient business that endures the toughest times.

Ample becomes a trusted extension of your contingency team, to minimise the drama in the worst of times. Here’s how.

Real people. No apps, no call centres.

You don’t need to use company finances to settle a director’s loans or suretyship agreements. Ample’s contingency life liability solutions help you keep your capital where it belongs – in the bank!

Your own personal broker.

Have a question about your policy or portfolio? You can count on Ample for dedicated, fast service, transparent answers, and an avid willingness to assist, whether you need help understanding a policy, sourcing a new product, or submitting a claim.

Competitive quotes from leading insurance companies.

We partner with South Africa’s leading insurance providers, sourcing a range of best-priced business life insurance policies that offer a variety of benefits for all eventualities. We hold no bias to any single provider so you can rely on objective, honest advice, every time.

Tenacious claims support.

When life’s just dealt you the worst hand, the last thing you or your business partners have time for is fighting for your claims. We’re not just tenacious about handling it for you. We’re outright bloody-minded about getting valid claims submitted and settled, fast.

We’re on your side.

Why should you use a broker?


Broker’s commissions don’t impact your premiums.

Unknown to many, insurance brokerage commissions are regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). Broker fees and commissions are absorbed by the insurance provider, and not the client. You’ll pay just as much by ‘going direct’.


Not all claims were created equal.

If you submit your claim to an overworked insurance claims assessor who’s having a bad day, or simply overlooks the details of your policy, you’re in for a long fight for what’s due to you. Rather, get a broker who understands the industry, and costs you nothing, to fight on your behalf.


Personal Vs. Faceless advice

Would you opt for ‘anonymous’, call-center-based insurance relationship, when you could hire an experienced broker who’s invested in your success? It feels like a no-brainer to us.


Brokers offer unbiased, objective advice.

A broker who sources policies from multiple insurance companies will provide a wider range of competitive quotes, without projecting any bias toward any one insurance provider. It’s the most honest, integrity-driven advice you can receive.


You actually “save” by hiring a broker.

By allowing a professional to spend time informing you about your portfolio, and helping you understand what your policies cover, you’ll save yourself time, effort, and money in claims or poorly-selected policies. That’s something you won’t get from a call centre.

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